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What our clients say about us:

The best thing about Smart4Fit is that I see my clients engaged with it. They are as interested as I am to track their performance during the training, especially the calories burned. Fitness analytics allows me to create much better and efficient training plans, for each of my clients. The satisfied and well-engaged client is the foundation of our business.
Smart4Fit has something for everyone.
As an expert in biology and certified personal trainer, I wanted to reach as many people as possible and get them going on a healthier lifestyle and educate them. My approach to training and nutrition is from a science perspective. I am extremely glad to be able to use the Smart4Fit Platform and get all the parameters that I and my clients need in order to improve fast. It is excellent that I have complete control over my content and that I can customise to the needs of my clients at any moment.
Smart4Fit is an affordable solution I have been looking for a few years. I was more than eager to have it at my fitness studio and in a just few months I saw a steady increase in the number of my clients. With the help of analytics, training is more personalized and effective. This truly is the future of fitness.
I have been using Smart4Fit for more than 3 years. It really gave me insight into my client's performances and enabled me to create personalized training plans and track their progress. I would recommend Smart4Fit to any of my colleagues who wish to join the future of fitness.
I am a football player and looking to become a coach. I use Smart4Fit to gather data from my own training and also some of my colleagues. This will greatly help me develop my coaching skills and also finish my doctorate.
I use Smart4Fit Online everyday. Even my clients from my fitness club started training online occasionally just for fun, or when they are on a business trip or vacation.
My clients feel better when, at the start of the training, i put a device on their wrist and track their Heart Rate and Accelerometer data during the training. They greatly appreciate the reports that they get thanks to the Smart4Fit analytics team.