Monitoring Analytics Gamification Engagement

Smart4Fit Gym provideshighly personalized group training experienceEngage your clients using the newest fitness technologies. 

System Components

The instructor’s tablet with an ongoing training session

The client’s smartwatch or sensor during training

The optional display during the training session

Core Benefits

For The Fitness Business

For The Fitness Instructors

For The Fitness Studio Clients

  • Creation of additional services based on the true level of personalization
  • New revenue streams by exploiting the full potential of fitness data analytics
  • Decreased customer attrition by fully understanding customer training behaviour
  • Competitiveness through fitness data-driven innovation
  • Tracking and a better understanding of the performance of a trainee in real-time
  • Ability to correct the course of the training in real-time based on smart notifications and recommendations
  • Tracking the progress of a trainee with the fitness data analytics reports
  • Ability to tailor each training to meet the needs of every trainee
  • Comparison of trainee’s performances with past sessions or other trainees
  • Personalized, safe and efficient training sessions
  • Real-time corrective suggestions based on fitness data analytics
  • Tracking the personal progress based on reports and analysis of all data collected from each training
  • More enjoyable training sessions with gamification

Benefits for Fitness Businesses

Watch the video explaining the main benefits of Smart4Fit for your Fitness Business.

Benefits for Trainees

Watch the video explaining the main benefits of Smart4Fit for your Trainees.

Customize everything!

Smart4Fit system lets you customize everything within the tiniest detail. Use these options to add exercises, make phases and training plans that you can use over and over again or change easily on the fly… this is how it looks:

Client Management

Easily create and manage clients within the app. Schedule training that will appear on the calendar for your convenience.