Online Platform for TRAINERS who want more!

The ideal way to Create, Deliver and Monitor your trainings to clients exercising at Home.


This Platform is designed for trainers who want more than just provide their respected clients with instructions on how to do the training. Besides all the expected features a trainer would want for an online platform we are proud of our statistics and analytics reports that provide enormous value to you and your clients.

What you get?

  1. Application for Trainers (Available on Play Store)
  2. Application for Clients (Available on Play Store)
  3. Access to S4OT web portal to create and manage your content
  4. Analytics and Reporting (Digital Twin)
  5. All the support that you need!


Easily create trainings

Create full training from short clips or upload a full training in one video, it's up to you.

Easily manage trainings

Assign trainings to your client through the Trainers app on your phone.

Get instant feedback

After your client finishes his workout you get instant feedback on how long did he train, what training plan did he pick, his Heart Rate during training and more...

Connect smart devices

Our app connects to many smart bands.

Your trainings are safe

Your videos are safe on our servers. No one can flag or remove your content.

Request custom reports

All the data we collect is available for generating custom reports through our innovative Digital Twin solution.

Application for Trainers

This is where you can add clients, assign them their trainings, check when and how long did they train, check their heart rate during training and much more…

Application for Clients

Here is where your clients can see their assigned trainings, start trainings, check their profile, connect devices for Heart Rate measurement and much more…

S4OT web portal

Here is where you upload your videos and make exercises, create and manage your training plans and programs, and more.

Analytics and Reporting

This service is the core foundation of all of our system. It brings unique value to you and your clients!