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Smart4Fit Pro is an innovative, based on cutting-edge technologies, systematic solution for monitoring and analytics for professional sports clubs and trainers. By using wearables it collects the raw training data, transforms them into meaningful information and analyses the result in both real-time and over a long haul. It is an end-to-end solution that can be integrated into professional clubs environment.

There are 3 main components in the Smart4Fit Pro system:
– Training Manager
Enables complete management of players profiles, exercise base, and training plans
– Real-Time SmartMonitoring
Component which collects data from HR sensors, accelerometer process them into meaningful information. S4F SmartMonitoring collects data from HR sensors.
– Fitness and Condition Analytics
Based on the revolutionary approach of Fitness Digital Twin (FDT), representing a data driven virtual replica of the player. It creates knowledge from past training data, uses that knowledge to create training models of a player and interprets data in order to offer a useful suggestions for performance improvement.
S4F SmartMonitoring and Fitness Digital Twin are part of our unique technology for the monitoring and analytics in various types of intensive physical activities.
Smart4Fit Fitness and Conditioning Analytics is a data-driven innovation for enabling an efficient and continual improvement of the physical conditioning and abilities of a player through achieving a so-called true level of personalization – dynamic personalization derived from a deep understanding of the real-time behavior/performances of a player.
Fitness Digital Twin (FDT) is our visionary approach that represents the missing piece that closes the gap between fitness in professional sports digitalization and the true level of personalization. We consider FDT as one of the main technological innovations in the sports industry that can be easily embedded in professional sport clubs.

S4F PRO Analytics Services and Methods

Using Digital Twin’s database and its data processing, S4F Pro is able to provide statistical and analytical reports that summarize individual fitness parameters adequate to evaluate and monitor the physical attributes of athletes. Smart4Fit Pro Football report services are developed as a systematical approach, with both fitness expertise and (sensors) data processing. Our report services contain analysis that uses performance data to track and analyze training workload and regimes, such as active vs passive sequences or aerobic vs anaerobic regimes. Those analyses have a crucial role in training management. The coach and its staff are able to do strategy planning, monitoring, coordination and implementation.

S4F Pro Football report services:
1) Primary Analysis
2) Advanced Analysis
3) X-Rays Analysis

For each service there are 4 views for those analysis and services:

Individual Reports