Unsupervised Guided Training

If your fitness studio has clients that workout alone without the presence of the instructor but with the previously created monthly of weekly plans we recommend our Smart4Fit Lite solution. Smart4Fit Lite is an android app for individuals. It looks and feels the same but it is not designed It enables the users to create their own training plans or the training plans received from the instructor, to pair up with one smartwatch (their own or the one from the fitness studio) and to start and manage the training to their own accord.

  • Smart4Fit Lite is an Android app designed for individual unsupervised training. The Lite app is the part of the system created for managing everything about the training sessions, training plans, and your personal profile. It has two main purposes, to prepare everything necessary for training sessions and to start and manage training sessions. With preparatory actions, instructors can create the training plans for a client for a specific period. After the individual client is ready for a training S/he can start the training and monitor the performance and progress with a smartwatch in the real-time, during the exercise.

  • Smart4Fit Smartwatch (Android Wear) Lite App collects and processes their heart rate and calories burned and display the data at the screen of the smartwatch. It also sends the data to be further processed and viewed at the Android mobile device Lite apps display.  The watch shows the current and the next exercise planned and vibrate whenever some changes in training phase have happened (exercising, break…), alerting the clients.

You can download and try our free version of Smart4Fit lite at Google Play. The only prerequisite for it to work properly is to have the Android Wear smartwatch paired up with your Android mobile device.

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