We offer fitness monitoring and analytics software, Smart4Fit, which enables fitness clubs to monitor training and progress of their clients in a very efficient way, through SmartMonitoring, which consists of:

– using wearables (smart watch) for measuring some vital parameters (e.g. heart rate) of trainees
– doing real-time processing for monitoring performances of a trainee and alarming if needed
– applying data analytics for defining new training plans (to achieve fitness goals in the most efficient way)

Fitness is an extremely huge market – an emerging trend is online training/fitness, which is challenged by not having a direct (visual) contact between a trainer and trainees, so that the trainer cannot monitor how is a trainee exercising.

Based on our SmartMonitoring experience, we want to offer a solution for online monitoring that exploits the power of measuring heart rate for understanding fitness performances of a trainee, even she is exercising far away from the trainer.

Main innovations is the method for detecting some vital psychophysiological parameters (like heart rate and respiratory rate) from the face of a trainee using standard smartphone camera. The goal is to low the equipment required for on line training (so no wearables) and by using AI techniques to retain the quality of our analysis.