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  • What are the components of Smart4Fit?

    Smart4Fit is composed of several components each with its own important purpose.

    • Smart4Fit Manager is an Android app designed for fitness instructors. The Manager app is the part of the system created for managing everything about the training sessions, training plans, and clients. It has two main purposes, to prepare everything necessary for training sessions and to start and lead training sessions. With preparatory actions, instructors manage the profile of their clients, manage exercise base, create training plans and schedule training sessions. After everything is ready, particular clients are added to the training session and particular training plan is defined for that session, instructors can start the training session and use the screen of the tablet to closely monitor all clients.
    • Smart4Fit Smartwatch (Android Wear) app is designed for clients of the fitness studio. It collects and processes their heart rate and calories burned and sends the data to be viewed at the Master app and displays. It also receives a training plan for each client enabling personalization. The watches also show the current and the next exercise planned and vibrate whenever some changes in training phase have happened (exercising, break…), alerting the clients.
    • Smart4Fit Display App presents all the relevant data about particular training sessions, heart rate, HR zones and calories burned for each trainee client. It also shows all, personalized alerts when a client breaches predefined thresholds. The Display is the main source of monitoring in real-time during the training where all the participants can see the progress of the training and relevant data. At the end of each series and at the end of the training, clients can see the high score table view with their accomplishments.
    Is it suitable for group or individual trainings?

    Yes, you can use Smart4Fit for both individual and group training.

    Is it compatible with my style of training (plans)?

    Yes, you can use Smart4Fit with any style of training. One of the ideas behind Smart4Fit is that it is truly the support solutions that will greatly enrich your training sessions without changing the style of your training sessions.

    What is the charging model?

    We use a monthly subscription fee as our charging model. The fee amount depends on the number of the clients that train with Smart4Fit system. Please contact us with your requirements and we will form the exact price.

    What kind of equipment do I need?

    Smart4Fit requires a specific type of equipment to work. You can read about it here. There are two models of how you can acquire the equipment.

    1. You can buy it all yourself by following our specifications or
    2. You can rent it from us.

    For more details, please contact us.

    What are the main benefits of Smart4Fit?
    1. Real-time monitoring of HR and other training data
    2. Personal data analytics for performance improvement
    3. Gamification and engagement of the clients
    How many groups and clients per group can I have?

    For an individual and semi-individual type of training, you can have up to 5 members. For group training sessions you can have up to 48. When you decide to become our client the first order of business is to help us understand what kind of fitness studio are you running and to determine the best plan, and equipment suitable for your case.

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