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We proudly present our most loyal customers who were with us all the way from early beta


Milenko Hadzic

I have been using Smart4Fit for more than a year. It really gave me the insight into my client's performances and enabled me to create personalized training plans and track their progress. I would recommend Smart4Fit to any of my colleagues who wish to join the future of fitness.

Owner of / Smart4Fit

Milan Djordjevic

The best thing about Smart4Fit is that I see my clients engaged with it. They are as interested as I am to track their performance during the training, especially the calories burned. The fitness analytics allows me to create much better and efficient training plans, for each of my clients. The satisfied and well-engaged client is the foundation of our business.

Owner of / Urban Fitness

Dragan Vasic

Smart4Fit is an affordable solution I have been looking for a few years. I was more than eager to have it at my fitness studio and in a just few months I saw a steady increase in the number of my clients. With the help of analytics, the training is more personalized and effective. This truly is the future of fitness.

Owner of / BB Gym

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Interesting Facts About Our Clients

  • 98

    98% Of fitness studios clients say that they are so used to Smart4Fit that they cannot imagine their favorite fitness studio without it.

  • 72

    72% Of fitness studios clients say that Smart4Fit monitoring system helped them track calories burned and guided their behavior to loose weight faster.

  • 84

    84% Of fitness studios clients say that Smart4Fit motivates them to workout harder because they can measure their performance in real time.